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EAM Member Roster

Member NameLocationAMA Number
Aimanovich, MattValparaiso, FL401524
Aimanovich, MartinNiceville, FL56007
Ashburn, MikeDeFuniak Springs, FL1036716
Baker, JayPensacola, FL1039512
Black, BillValparaiso, FL1035454
Bradshaw, AlanDeFuniak Springs, FL824907
Brown, GregNiceville, FL40483
Burton, RobertNavarre, FL1030495
Campbell, RobertNiceville, FL120825
Campis, DickNiceville, FL998119
Carnes, FredShalimar, FLL180
Collins, JohnCrestview, FL789862
Conner, PhilMary Esther, FL255527
Cortner, PamFort Walton Beach, FL889775
Courvertier, RubenNavarre, FL1062023
D'Anna, MichaelCrestview, FL1055194
Daiberl, BertNiceville, FL570019
Davis, StanNiceville, FL17031
Deyerle, CraigNiceville, FL71317
Diaz, VictorNAVARRE, FL7841
Divers, WarrenFort Walton Beach, FL61150
Dobison, GeorgeSanta Rosa Beach, FL21460
Doman, PaulCrestview, FL1019608
Duval, MelvinFreePort, FL3078
Fach, EricFort Walton Beach, FL32574
Fain, BenCrestview, FL1118208
Faubel, JackDeFuniak Springs, FL528785
Fears, KevinValparaiso, FL581006
Foster, JoeFort Walton Beach, FL848577
Fuqua, JohnCrestview, FLL-5955
Giffard, JamesCrestview, FL4598
Gilman, RogerNiceville, FL844351
Glenn, LarryNiceville, FL950893
Green, TerryCrestview, FL117978
Griggs, MarkShalimar, FL925869
Guzewich, PeteShalimar, FL542392
Guzewich, JasonShalimar, FL632315
Halverson, RobertNiceville, FL837578
Hammond, DarylPanama City, FL1082411
Hardwick, HerbShalimar, FL8626
Henkel, Colie T.Niceville, FL939656
Holderness, MichaelCrestview, FL598294
Hornbaker, KeithFort Walton Beach, FL366345
Iverstine, EmileNiceville, FL1124084
Jackett, EdNicevlle, FL155159
Joachim, LawrenceDestin, FL311171
Keegans, JohnDeFuniak Springs, FL235759
Kellems, Reggie (Skipper)Destin, FL574831
Kime, ChrisNiceville, FL114694
Kutcher, JosephShalimar, FL794487
Liberatori, FrankNiceville, FL80063
Massey, JimNiceville, FL933360
Mauldin, Michaelxxx, FL848628
Meier, DavidFt. Walton Beach, FL806355
Merrill, PatrickCrest view, FL6085
Mikles, ChrisNiceville, FL665751
Miller, BillNiceville, FL57145
Miser, BradBrownsburg, TX963522
Murray, CaseyFort Walton Beach, FL802498
Mussat, GilbertPanama City, FL255258
Niven, PatrickGulf Breze, FL9155984
Noser, WilliamNiceville, FL1032035
Oberg, CurtFort Walton Beach, FL57627
Owens, MarkCrestview, FL768134
Pacheco, RobertMiramar Beach, FL1012103
Perkins, FrankFort Walton Beach, FL461128
Pfeiffer, MarkNiceville, FL413787
Phillips, FrederickRiverview, FL611044
Plummer, MichaelNiceville, FL9320
Prestwood, LeeShalimar, FL72240
Rapuano, MichaelDestin, FL1065362
Retherford, ChuckMary Esther, FL849188
Retherford, ChristianMary Esther, FL1099754
Retherford, CadenMary Esther, FL1099753
Reyes, ExorNiceville, FL93472
Reyes, CarlosNiceville, FL306823
Ruddell, DanShalimar, FL952526
Ruiz, ReyMary Esther, FL869623
Rupert, DonShalimar, FL957304
Rushing, JoshDeFuniak Springs, FL847585
Sablan, FrankMary Esther, FL733788
Seip, RaymondFt. Walton Beach, FL936055
Shearer, JoeValparaiso, FL463809
Slade, MikeMary Esther, FL457849
Smith, StuartSanta Rosa Beach, FL1035573
Smith, Douglas R.FT Walton Beach, FL265167
Smith, AndrewFT Walton Beach, FL952983
Spaid, RonaldFort Walton Beach , FL1087355
Stephens, KeithNiceville, FL63134
Stokes, DonaldPensacole, FL899559
Strobl, JimFort walton beach , FL1138576
Toma, EugenDestin, FL1069688
Tucker, DeanNiceville, FL552350
Turner, James Valparaiso, FL396310
Vagias MD, LouNiceville, FL300862
Van Putte, RonFort Walton Beach, FL10202
Wargo, JohnShalimar, FL704202
Whitten, AndrewNiceville, FL653335
Wright, RomeoCrestview, FL26051
Zamorski, Edward J.Niceville, FL950609


Member NameLocationAMA Number