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Eglin Aero Modellers

The Eglin Aero Modellers club exists to support and further the hobby/craft of building and flying remote control model aircraft.

The members of the club are ready and willing to support, encourage, and help anyone desiring to become involved in this rewarding hobby.

Many families support and encourage other hobbies/sports but these are mainly engaged in by youngsters while at a sports complex. Radio control model aviation is one recreational hobby where many members of a family may work together and experience the enjoyment, satisfaction, and thrill of making and using a real working model.

Most of this hobby/craft activity may involve several family members and a great amount of time is spent in the home. Model aviation teaches many skills, trains people of all ages, and is very exciting and fulfilling when RC aircraft are flown.

The Eglin Aero Modellers club and the Crestview Model Aviators club have a lifetime of fun and learning to offer the citizens of Okaloosa County. A visit to a flying site or a meeting will illustrate a great variety of model aviation experiences that may be found by individuals desiring to be challenged and who may be seeking a rewarding, exciting experience.